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Logistic Operations


Directional Corp. must be chosen as your logistic operator due it offers excellent discounts on air and sea transport, we also offer warehousing service in magnificent geographical position, added our experience and service quality, representing a big transportation saving, red tape, risks, time but overall money.

Customs House Agents

Directional Corp. in order to provide integral solutions in logistic services, offer a quick, accurate and dependable service for the movement of your goods at the territorial boundaries.

We process the exportations´ declarations from USA; at the same way, we coordinate, pre-loading inspections, documents certifications and notarizations, if it is necessary at the exportation on moment.
Additionally, with the Customs Home Agents support, we can process the needed documentation for all the importation custom house through USA in any port of entry, both Air and Sea cargo. Likewise, we do the needed paperwork for land border crossings from and as far as Mexico or Canada.

We also manage goods in USA custom house transit Custom which requires special importation process, for the non-payment of taxes while its re-explorations are processed.