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It is a service that allows you to have an address in the United States and receive your package or item at your home in Colombia or another country in Latin America. A locker gives you the benefit of receiving the cargo in your country without needing to reside in the United States and with Directional Corp. it's free you only pay the shipping costs to your home without paying for warehousing.



You buy online the product of your interest, using your own means of payment and sending your purchases directly to our warehouses physical address in the United States and later we will be in charge to re-address them to your desired address in Colombia or another country.

Our current rates are USD $ 1.30 / lb (insurance included) + 30% of the declared value we recommend using 50% to 70% of the actual value).

Example Calculations:

-Price real product USD $ 100, suggested value to declare USD $ 50 (50%), its 30% would be USD $ 15

-Weight 10 lbs >> $ 1.30 x 10 lbs = USD $ 13

TOTAL: Tax USD $ 15 + Peso USD $ 13 = USD $ 28.


Example of how to direct your purchases to our warehouses:

Name: Diego David / Client's Name and Last Name (eg Juan Perez) / Directional Corp.

Address: 6910 NW 46TH Street

City: Miami

State: Florida

Zip code: 33166

Phone: 786 318 6190


Once you have made your purchases and have the tracking numbers of the shipping companies in the USA, we thank you for completing and resending the merchandise consolidation form and for us to know that we arrive at the warehouses Or you can fill them using our page.