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Directional International Import/Export Business Company, American Colombian Company, based in Barranquilla (Col.) and Miami (USA), whose primary objective is to ease the intermediation among you and/or your shopping Department with Asian, European, Latin and North American Companies, based on your special and basic requirements. 

Directional Corp. has a large agreement amount with materials and spare parts of high complexity from International Companies for your Industry, among others, acting on the logistic intermediation and providing technological solutions according to your needs and so allowing us to have prompt answers to your requests, by which, besides, warranting fulfillment and quality of the established goals for each of its projects.

Directional Corp. has achieved along the our clients’ acceptance, an international great experience and a knowledge strengthening, being as we offer cost and shipping times reduction, and as you like independent/ company customer will know directly the direct supplier or companies, knowing from the negotiation beginning the manufacturer real prices, and might use our facilitator intermediation and in turn, would eliminate the overruns resale companies market from your country.

Directional Corp. is a company created in 2008th with the initial primordial idea to ease the products´ shopping to from USA to Colombia and vice versa. We buy your product of need and send it at your home in your country, that is to say, we are mediators among any Colombian or Latin American place consumers and the biggest and most important U.S. stores or factories. We operate Miami based (EEUU) and Barranquilla (Colombia). We are known for our area experience and our excellent customer service due our main satisfaction is that our customer gets his original, novel products (most of them not found in Colombia), quality in the shortest possible time, and overall with at a cost much lower than in your country; we provide you reliable advices to our customers about the products to buy with the aim of which has the best quality and price of the article to obtain. With Directional Corp. you rely on an exclusive, complete and a solid support in the product warranty execution.


Directional Corp. relies on products and services in the Industrial, medical, commercial and personal field for so being able to support extend, strengthen and still growing Companies, acting as consultant, logistic, and cost reduction key and so strengthen its expansion and solidification process in the business environment.



We develop the logistic intermediation and commercial assessment among the consumer in Colombia and another Latin-American country and a store, company or factory in USA, Asia and Europe with the purpose to ease the communication and the shopping of original, quality at a lower cost products and getting it at your home at the shortest time possible.



We will be recognized as a logistic supporting company, internationally established in the commercial, industrial and medical market by a high variety of managed products and by and excellent service quality as to cost and time reduction and so getting our consumers´ full satisfaction



  • Respect: In our relationships we treat other people as we would like to be treated. We promote the equity and tolerance the benefit of all.
  • Integrity: We are honest and consistent in our performances; therefore we demand the same of the people and entities with whom we interact.
  • Excellence: Excellence: We are committed to improving and growth of our customers and organization.
  • Solidarity: We promote the cooperation and the service and give the best of us in seeking the common good.
  • Leadership: We urge the integral leaders’ development, able to transform the present and realize our vision.

  • We offer quick answers for requirements and applications.
  • Following and security to order deliveries.
  • Selección de parámetros y especificaciones técnicas de los productos solicitados.
  • Selection of parameters and technique specifications for the requested products. Offices and ethical and efficient representatives in different Colombian cities (Bogota, Medellin and Barranquilla) and in Miami, Fl, USA, who answer for your concerns and advice you to take the best shopping option.


Directional puts at your disposal our knowledge and facilities to be able to locate the products, articles, equipments or personal, commercial, industrial, medical and hospitable consumer need. Using the electronic technology (online media) to manage the investigations and consulting of your articles of interest, and establishing direct communications with the suppliers to be able to offer to our customers a reliable, secure and agile service.